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J. Mater. Chem. B., 2014, 2, 2060-2083
13 March 2015

Our article titled “Nanoparticle-protein corona complexes govern the biological fates and functions of nanoparticles” is one of the 30 most accessed articles in Journal of Materials Chemistry B... read more

2 February 2015

Welcome to Dr Xunyu Lu and Dr Jessica Stanley, our two new Postdoctoral Research Associates joining Partcat group in 2015.

28 January 2015

Congratulations to both Fenglong Wang (FL) and Emma Lovell (EL), both PhD students in Partcat group who recently been awarded ANN Travel Fellowship (FL) and the prestigious DAAD Scholarships (both FL and EL) for their research exchange to Germany... read more

Photocatalysis: from Material Design to System Engineering

Six UNSW researchers had the honour of speaking at the Shine Dome event in Canberra last May, one of them is our very own Professor Rose Amal who is admitted as new Fellow for the Academy.

Dr Jason Scott

Dr Jason Scott is a Deputy Leader and a Senior Research Fellow in the Particle and Catalysis Research Group. He joined the PartCat group in 2002 and has gained extensive experience in particle fabrication, photocatalysis and heterogeneous catalysis.

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