ANN Travel Fellowship and DAAD Scholarship for Partcat students


Congratulations to both Fenglong Wang (FL) and Emma Lovell (EL), both PhD students in Partcat group who recently been awarded ANN Travel Fellowship (FL) and the prestigious DAAD Scholarships (both FL and EL) for their research exchange to Germany.

Emma has been awarded the DAAD Scholarship for Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics and Scientists which will help her to travel and working on double – flame Spray Pyrolysis in University of Bremen, Germany. See related news here.

Fenglong has been awarded the ANN Travel Fellowship and DAAD Scholarships to investigate the bimetallic Au-Pt/TiO2 catalyst for hydrogen production at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research.

To find out more about Fenglong’s research, click on one of his publications:

  • Wang F; Jiang Y; Gautam A; Li Y; Amal R, 2014, ‘ Exploring the Origin of Enhanced Activity and Reaction Pathway for Photocatalytic H Production on Au/B-TiO Catalysts’, ACS Catalysis, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 1451 – 1457,, ROS ID: 410479
  • Wang F; Jiang Y; Amal R; Wen X; Xia J; Sha G, 2013, ‘Confined Au-Pd ensembles in mesoporous TiO spheres for the photocatalytic oxidation of acetaldehyde’,ChemCatChem, vol. 5, no. 12, pp. 3557 – 3561,, ROS ID: 345362