Practicum Exchange

The Practicum Exchange Program (PEP) is a non-award exchange program for overseas students who are studying at one of our partner universities and would like to gain research experience at UNSW or fulfill the professional/industrial practice. The PEP program is generally one to six months, but maybe for a maximum of twelve months. (note: Partcat group only takes students who are willing to do PEP for a minimum of 3 months).

If you are not currently enrolled at a partner university, you can consider enrolling as an International Visiting Research Student for one or two semesters (i.e. student will need to course fee).

Below is the step by step procedure to apply for Practicum Exchange (including CSC sponsored):

1. Applicants contact UNSW academics to find a suitable supervisor and negotiates start and finish dates for their practicum.

2. If an academic agrees to supervise the student under the Practicum Exchange Program, the academic must email with the full name, email address and home university of the student. The student will then be set up with access to the online application.

3. If the application is approved, the Global Education Office will send out the letter of acceptance to the student and supervisor.

4. The student will need to organise OSHC insurance if coming on a student visa and send the receipt to the Global Education Office.

5. The Global Education Office will confirm receipt and send Confirmation of Enrolment to the student.

6. The student can then organise the appropriate visa for their stay in Australia.

Henrike Großmann - Practicum Exchange Student Profile

Henrike is a PhD student from Foundation Institute of Materials Science, University of Bremen (Germany) under supervision of Prof Lutz Madler. Her PhD project is focusing on the Double Flame Spray Pyrolysis technology to synthesis Fischer Tropsch Catalysts. Henrike was a practicum exchange student in Partcat group from February to May 2014, working with Prof Rose Amal and Dr Yunhau Ng.

Jing Lin - 2014/2015 Practicum Exchange Student Profile

Jing Lin is a PhD candidate from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) China. He arrived in Sydney last September 2014 as Practicum Exchange Student under China Scholarship Council Program. Jing is working on project titled: 'Synthesis, structural and photoelectrochemical properties of Anatase TiO2 modified Graphene with 3D structures' under supervision of Dr Yun Hau Ng. In the project, sponge is used as the template to prepare 3D Graphene structure with high specific surface area and suitable pore size distribution. Anatase TiO2 is grown insitu on the surface of the Graphene sheets.