Xunyu Lu

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Chemical Engineering
Contact details:
+61 2 93857360

TETB, Room 345

Dr Lu received his BS degree from East China University of Science and Technology in 2007. He started his PhD study at the School of Chemistry, UNSW in 2011 and received his PhD degree in 2014 under the supervision of A/Prof. Chuan Zhao. Following his PhD graduation, Xunyu worked with A/Prof. Chuan Zhao and Dr. Yun Hau Ng as research associate in the School of Chemistry. Xunyu joined the Partcat group in the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW in 2015.

His research interests mainly focused on the development of novel functional materials towards highly efficeint energy conversion reactions, such as nanocarbon and/or non-precious metal composites for oxygen evolution reactions and oxygen reduction reactions.


Awards and Honours

  • Bloom-Gutmann Prize (2012) from Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).
  • Hot article of 2013 from Journal of Materials Chemistry A.